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New OpenSPA v4.0.001 BETA 1

OpenSPA v4.0.001 BETA 1

Receiver: VU + Zero

OpenEmbedded: OE-Alliance 2.4 (16/12/2014)

Enigma2: OpenSPA (16/12/2014)

Kernel: 3.13.5

Drivers: 12/05/2014

GCC 4.9.1

GStreamer: 1.4.4 Observations : -. I update to GStreamer 1.x (not operating at 100%) .

This is a BETA of what will be the 4.0 of OpenSPA and it is likely that bugs are version Any green snapshot that you may have or bug that you find reportadlo for to solve the problem.

Please, when failures green screenshots are reported attach crashlog generated in / home / root / logs / but no good report. However if you find a bug, possibly described as ye reproduced this bug.

So the steps to see if we can reproduce this bug and so confirm.



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