VU+ Duo Backup Images VuDuO BLackHole 2.1.5 Backup Memo®ist 06.03.2015


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Feb 28, 2015
E2-setting- 13 Buy Galaxy2002 You are not TV8HD has been made for yourself whether you're adding Türksat.

Set the tuner settings from the Advanced setup.

External Usb stickier your pico pico representation for the file, discard Media / usb mount it as a key you can use the devicesmanager from 2xmav xpico

EMI Glass: -ccca 2.3.0-Oscamymod 18.56- EMI Current.

Sharing line six cccam.cfg Etc Cfg file for OSCam / etc / tuxbox / config / file to your oscamserv Ccam editleyebilirsiniz and restart the device you start building.

+ Weather forecast for weather Menu> You can show your entering IL code.

If desired, the ones you have memory problems due plugins you want to delete from the Devil or addons support from the vuplus-images panel, you can also add.

Speed Up from blackhole UI position setup and wmv wma asfmedi the support has been activated

All necessary settings are Rendered images can learn front of Caps

Enjoy ...
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