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Satellite TV News WRN Broadcast provides playout and distribution for Blackbelt TV

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Sep 21, 2014
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WRN Broadcast is enabling the US based broadcaster Blackbelt TV to reach its audiences in Europe and the Caribbean. We provide full media management of Blackbelt TVs content which is played out in multiple formats for delivery by fibre and cloud to the Netherlands and five Caribbean receive sites.
"To support the ongoing growth of our business we wanted to build a stronger relationship with our broadcast provider. Working closely with WRN Broadcast we are looking at innovative ways to improve efficiencies in our global distribution chain as well as opening up new markets. By tapping into their broadcast expertise and international network, especially cloud delivery, we have some very interesting opportunities to explore."
Daniel Gross, Senior Vice President, Blackbelt TV
"The martial arts have a huge international following. By combining a thorough understanding of Blackbelt TV's business with our in depth knowledge of broadcast we are looking forward to supporting Blackbelt TV's ambition to reach even more audiences around the world."
Tom Eyton-Jones, Business Development Manager, WRN Broadcast

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