1. B

    IPTV Support Best image for IPTV

    Hi guys, I've been using iPab for a while but have had issues with my VM cline provider. I now need to use IPTV as main source. Can anybody recommend a good image to use? I have a very good IPTV provider, but the iPab image has been a bit of a rascal to keep uploading different M3U's. I use a...
  2. A

    Plugins Support IPTV PLUGIN

    Hi guys has any one got any idea as to why the IPTV PLUGIN HAS DISAPPEARED from plugins list , using openatv , and openvix, ALL UPDATE ARE UP TODATE. THANKS ALAN
  3. J

    IPTV Support Orignal ultimo (non 4k)

    Hi all, Understand the world of CCcam etc but would like to know before spending time on a lost cause if IPTV is available on the original Ultimo VU box. If so, what is the recommended route. Thanks
  4. otto27

    General VU+ Receiver Discussion box been off for months

    hi all , have a solo 2 , stb's been sitting idle for god knows how long , since i was using what can't be mentioned ,what can i do with it ? i've just installed the new openvix, i'm used to blackhole but this seems to have kodi working ? also have an iptv provider , usually use a fire tv...
  5. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenDroid 6.4 - Configured For UK 28.2E

    OpenDroid 6.4 - Configured For UK 28.2E Updated 01/12/17 These images are flashed configured for UK satellite viewing After flashing you will see the video configuration wizard which after setting to suit your tv this image is up & running . The following options have been set as default for...
  6. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.1 Custom Build (All VU+ Models)

    OpenATV 6.1 Custom Build Updated 04/03/2018 Build Information OpenATV 6.1 build date: 04/03/2018 GStreamer Kodi 17.6 in feeds for all supported models Sly/VM look skins in feeds Softcam Feed Extra items installed with this build SkyQ v2.0 skin AutoBouquetMaker AutoBouquets E2...
  7. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenHDF 6.2 - VU+Duo2, Solo2, Solo4k, Ultimo4K, Uno4K

    OpenHDF 6.2 Experimental Build Date:24/08/17 Items included with this build. DirtyDonki Full Motor Settings VUplus-Images Addon Panel & Image Downloader EPG Import (Rytec) configured for 28.2E Tunein Radio AutoBouquets E2 (Configured, Just Set Your region) E2m3u2bouquet IPTV Bouquet Maker...
  8. Ten Below

    Other Sat Receivers OpenPLi 6.0 Homebuild for ZGEMMA-STAR-2S

    OpenPLi 6.0 Homebuild for ZGEMMA-STAR-2S My kids are currently using one of these boxes so decided to build this image. Sharing here for any other member who owns the same & would like to try. Items included with this build. EPG Import AutoBouquets E2 Audio narrator is disabled IPTV Player...
  9. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenPLi 5.0 experimental for test (All Models)

    OpenPLi 5.0 experimental builds for test (All Models) These images are based on OpenPLi master-next branch so not an official release. These are first builds for testing with working feeds which anyone can use but are aimed at UK users preconfigured for 28.2E up & running on this sat as...
  10. bmitie

    IPTV Support iptv and icefilms -help

    This is not working for me at the moment, get an error message, IPTV PLAYER is up todate and I did a re-boot.
  11. Cliver

    IPTV Support UK ITV Player on IPTV?

    Hi All, Just installed the Openvix 5.0 custom build on my Duo 2. I think I know the answer to this but work asking in case I have missed something. Is there a UK ITV player available in the IPTV plugin? I also assume there are no Chn 4 or 5 players? Thanks and Regards Clive
  12. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.0 vuplus-images Custom Build

    OpenATV 6.0 vuplus-images Custom Build Updated 23/06/17 - Existing users may use online update. New builds attached below for first time users. Build Information OpenATV 6.0 build date: 23/06/17 All builds now use custom feeds Kodi 17.3 as standard to install for all supported models Kodi...
  13. meisterhim

    VU+ Plugins - Streaming & IPTV IPTV screen freeze

    HI, Can anyone help me with an issue around IPTV? Family members got Vu Solo SE Full HD, Blackhole 2.1.4, ccacam 2.14. When I open the installed iPTV Player i can watch all through the installed apps, add subs etc. When I close the video through the stop button very often thr image keeps...
  14. M

    IPTV Support IPTV IN VU+ SOLO 2

    Hi evryone Please I need your help I don't know Any thing in this domain Who can tell me how to install tsmedia in vu+solo 2
  15. meisterhim

    IPTV Support Iptv download with subs

    hi guys, Does anyone know how to download videos from iptv with subs? I can stream with subs, I can download without subs but no idea if it is possible the best option. I have BH image on a Vu Solo 4K. Thanks in advance. Regards, M
  16. Ten Below

    VU+ Solo2 Backup Images Open BlackHole 0.6-009 - 17.10.2016 By Ten Below

    Open BlackHole 0.6-009 - 17.10.2016 By Ten Below As Requested By Donating Member @tigerwoods Whats Included? Open BlackHole 0.0.6 -009 (All updates applied to 17/10/2016) Settings Create your own using OE Alliance AutoBouquetsMaker Menu >Setup >Service Searching >AutoBouquetsMaker to set...
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