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Satellite TV News Canal Digital Go available on Android


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Oct 13, 2014
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Canal Digital Go available on Android

Nordic satellite platform Canal Digital Go has added its TV anywhere service to the Android platform.

36 TV channels can be viewed live and there is also a catch-up library from 20 different channels with many thousand programme titles.

“With the launch of Go on Android mobiles and tablets even more of our customers cam see large parts of their TV packages on laptop screens. We have previously launched Go on iPhone and iPad so that we now have a good base to build on. Going forward, we’ll launch several new channels and add more features so customers can see what they want, when they want and on the screen they prefer to watch TV”, says Roger von Zernichow, CEO, Canal Digital Norway.

Canal Digital has ensured the Android offer matches that of iOS. This includes the three premium TV2 Sport channels that show Premier League in Norway. Both NRK and TV2 can only be viewed on the home network of the subscriber.

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