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Sep 9, 2014
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CCcam SID Assigner

Release:- DreamboxUK CCcam SID Assigner v1.0.0
Changes in V1.0.0
Several GUI Changes.
Error trapping improvements.
Splashscreen wait time reduced.

Changes in v0.6.0
Added compatibility for TV service types 1,4,25 and 135.
Improved SID processing code.
Improved duplicate SID detection code. Dupe channels are listed on completion.
Improved lamedb export to excel code.
Minor code improvments.

Changes in v0.5.0
Now fully branded
Several changes to the GUI.
Major changes to the splash screen.
Detection of lamedb file version.
Addition of lamedb export to excel feature. This will export your lamedb to an Excel 2007 spreadsheet.
Addition of SID list export to excel feature. This will export your chosen SID and Channel name list to an Excel 2007 spreadsheet.
More info added to the status bar.

Changes in v0.4.0
Several major changes to the GUI.
Addition of opening splash screen.
Addition of a Check list so multiple bouquets can be selected.
Improvements to the SID processing code.
Improvements to the Duplicate SID detection code.
A SID can now be identified in the list by clicking on the channel name.

Changes in v0.3.1
Fixed Address of Smargo in Linux PC

Changes in v0.3.0
Addition of service name display
Addition of a SID assignment progress bar
Selection of a service will highlight it's SID in the list
Several minor UI improvements.
Further error checking implemented.

Changes in v0.2.0
Filename search code improved.
Addition of status display.
Several minor UI improvements.

What does it do:-

It interegates the files within a Dreambox Edit bouquet set. It takes the SIDs from each channel and creates the SMARTCARD SID ASSIGN line for you to enter in your CCcam.cfg.

How does it do it :-

1. Using Dreambox Edit create a bouquet containing all the channels that you have on your card. Then using this software,
2. Select the card reader you're using.
3. Select your bouquet folder that you created in Dreambox Edit.
4. Select the bouquet from the drop down box.
5. Your line is created for you containing all the SID's you have access to.
6. You can copy it and paste it into your CCcam.cfg file.
7. You can click on a service in the list and it's SID will be highlighted.

3 Points of interest.

1. To implement the SID ASSIGN line in your CCcam.cfg you must restart CCcam.
2. After implementing it, if you get a black screen on a channel that normally works then you have that SID missing from the line. Just bare it in mind.[/center]


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