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Sep 9, 2014
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ExYU E2 Settings Installer


8-bit plugin for older Image - OE1.6
24-bit plugin for newer Image - OE2.0
32-bit plugin with original receivers with original Image's.

~ Unrar files:
Users who have a problem with importing lists from the server and display later Download list (shown N / A or N / A instead of bouquet and programs) need to insert the unrar files in the path usr / bin (the File permissions 0755 or 755 depending on the FTP tools that are entered into the receiver) and Restart Enigma2. Keep attention on the type of architecture of the image at the receiver when entering unrar files have been adjusted for .mipsel and .sh4 architecture of the image.

Before entering the receiver is necessary to unpack the archive file!
unrar.mipsel (
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unrar.sh4 (
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I hereby would like to thank fellow subixonfire the author of the plugin, colleague Daconi - DDR Core interfaces for graphics performance and packaging plugin in .ipk extensions, colleagues young and white @ 1,910 to test for Enigma2 receivers.
Maintenance of servers, data entry and modification list, hosting and update websites by SATmax - DIGITAL TV.
All lists are non-commercial title and content and are not subject to copyright. Are welcome all authors Enigma2 list of programs that meet the above criteria and wish to be placed on a list server for download via the plugin from the server. All lists of programs, regardless of which authors are coming, which are not updated within 60 days of the date of publication on the server will be removed from the download-and the reason is overloaded server and outdated lists with not necessarily current program parameters as such are not to anyone in need.
If the need arises for the publication of the list of commercial programs (with names forums, websites, blogs, marketing web shop's, ...) will be published on the server with the financial support to maintain web sites, servers and fees plugin authors (fellow subixonfire) and graphic designer plugin (fellow Daconi - DDR Core). All cash payments for commercial lists and free donations to maintain the plugin and server will be transparently disclosed and allocated to the project mentioned E2 ExYU server settings panel.


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