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Satellite TV News German Bundesliga to launch VOD service


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Oct 13, 2014
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German Bundesliga to launch VOD service
Germany’s national football association Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) will open the Bundesliga archive: Football fans will be able to watch videos with Bundesliga matches, season’s highlights, player portraits and background information from the next season.

The service will be offered on several video-on-demand (VOD) portals initially in Germany for individual access or as part of existing subscriptions. The first partner is pay-TV operator Sky Deutschland which will provide the Bundesliga VOD service to all subscribers of its Bundesliga package through Sky Go.

The new offering will focus on historic video footage and programmes reflecting 50 years of Bundesliga history. There will be no coverage of current Bundesliga news or the running season.

DFL wants to announce further details regarding the platform partners and price structure at the beginning of the new Bundesliga season. The German media authorities already gave the green light to the project dubbed Bundesliga History channel in 2009.

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