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Sep 9, 2014
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JustWatch by murxer


based on justwatch.com
Dreambox One y can start directly the film/serie in the AMAZON and Netflix Plugin, as i know the other Enigma boxes doesnt support native Amazon and Netflix plugin!

from Justwach
Find out what you can watch on your favorite streaming services.
Which films and series are new on offer? Where can I find the most popular films and which series are popular right now?
In this overview JustWatch shows which films and series you can watch online.
We'll show you legal options straight away. You also get all sorts of rights where you can buy your movie or favorite series online, rent it, or with our permissions you can stream it. For this we have effective filter-capable:
You can easily know your favorite genres and filter by year of release.
Or search directly for films and series to see where you can legally watch them online.

from Murxer:
This is now also possible on an Enigma2 box.
This plugin is very similar to the browser version, and all data is obtained from the JustWatch API.
If there are more than 1000 titles available, you can only watch the first 1000.
You can then adjust the search using the filter, then the titles found will also be fewer.
With +/- program buttons you can jump 18 entries when you are in the cover list.
If you are in the cover list you can always return to the filter with the Exit button.

The filter:
Here you have the possibility to adapt the search to find your desired title.
The reset function affects the year, genres, FSK and the search text.
The search text input also works with the keyboard thx @ pclin
The search starts automatically as soon as you have entered at least 2 letters / characters.
Please be patient, as long as the spinner is running, the query has not been completed.
However, if the spinner does not end, adjust the input again until the spinner ends again.
The input is checked every 4 seconds, as long as you have to wait until the search starts again
You can access the settings using the menu button:
Here you can set your country if you have a foreign account with the streaming provider. The filter then adapts to the land.
Germany is set as the standard.

Provider settings:
Streaming providers can be reached via the menu or if you select the provider list with OK. Now you can select or deselect the individual providers.

Here's another tip:
If you deselect all providers and then press Exit, all providers are automatically selected.

Cache settings:
Here you have the option to clear the cache or cover when you close the plugin.
In this menu you can also empty the cache, the free memory of the selected folder is also displayed.
To use a different folder for the cache, you must first select the cache directory with OK. Now the display expands with an order list.
To select a folder you have to use the long button press for the OK button.
A question then appears with "Create cache folder in / media / hdd /?" This adapts depending on what you have selected for a folder.

Further dependencies that the plugin requires:
-python-beautifulsoup oder python-beautifulsoup4

Known bugs and installation issues:
Unfortunately the plugin does not run on VTI, there are problems with python-twisted -> reactor, threads.
I suspect that the problem lies with VTI, since all versions use the same code.
The python-runpy dependency is also missing, so the installation also fails.

Another bug is in the JustWatch API:

- Series cannot be filtered according to the age rating, as soon as you select an FSK, all series are automatically filtered out.
This error also exists on the JustWatch homepage



Sep 28, 2017
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how to add credentials for other providers ? in the menu only possible to add credentials for Netlfix and Amazon
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