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  1. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenVIX 5.2 unofficial test image

    Basic builds with feeds for test. Only the default skin is preinstalled to maximise free flash space on first generation vu+ models. Build Date: 5th September 2018.
  2. Ten Below

    VTi Image Release VTi VU+ Image Latest Files Attached

    Attached is the latest VTi image for all VU+ supported models View Changelog No longer available on 1st generation devices VTi support on vuplus-images
  3. mcka

    Subtitle & Audio Support Picture but no Sound on BlackHole

    Hi guys! I turn on the TV the picture appears but no sound. The problem is only on one channel "Festival4k", the rest perfectly reproduce sound in AC3, Mpeg and AAC. Other PurE2, OpenPli images play sound this channel without problems. Problem only on BlackHole. How can this problem be solved...
  4. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.2 Stable (Updated 22/08/2018 )

    OpenATV 6.2 Custom Build Updated 22/08/2018 Build Information OpenATV 6.2 (Stable) Build date: 22/08/2018 GStreamer 1.15.0 Kodi 17.6 in feeds for all supported models Softcam Feed Audio narrator is disabled First boot setup language now defaults to English. Included with this build...
  5. G

    VU+ Clone Receiver Support If a Clone which Clone do I have?

    hi i bought a used vu + SOLO2 online but can not figure out if it's real or clone when I install a new image say it ( hw error ) this also happened when I try a clone image .. right now it works fine with the black hole 2.0.7 .. hope you can help
  6. Ten Below

    VTi Image Release VTi 13.0.6 Download (All Supported Models)

    VTi 13.0.6 Latest Builds Attached - update dvbapp2 (20180305) fix descrambling flag for none CI services improve auto CI assignment (add HD+ services to SLY smartcard when no softcam is active) 1st Generation VU+ (Solo, Duo, Uno & Ultimo) no longer supported.
  7. Ten Below

    BlackHole Image Release Black Hole 3.0.4 Download (All VU+ Models)

    Black Hole 3.0.4 What is new ? - Add Quad Picture in Picture support (Ultimo4K, Uno4K, Solo4K) - Update CrossEPG to support new Rytec xz compression XMLTV listings - Update CrossEPG to include latest Rytec Providers - Update OpenWebif to fix Grab and WebTV - Update Drivers (Ultimo4K, Uno4K...
  8. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenDroid 6.4 - Configured For UK 28.2E

    OpenDroid 6.4 - Configured For UK 28.2E Updated 01/12/17 These images are flashed configured for UK satellite viewing After flashing you will see the video configuration wizard which after setting to suit your tv this image is up & running . The following options have been set as default for...
  9. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenHDF 6.2 - VU+Duo2, Solo2, Solo4k, Ultimo4K, Uno4K

    OpenHDF 6.2 Experimental Build Date:24/08/17 Items included with this build. DirtyDonki Full Motor Settings VUplus-Images Addon Panel & Image Downloader EPG Import (Rytec) configured for 28.2E Tunein Radio AutoBouquets E2 (Configured, Just Set Your region) E2m3u2bouquet IPTV Bouquet Maker...
  10. Ten Below

    OE Alliance Image Skins VM HD V3.00 By Chabs

    VM HD V3.00 By Chabs (Chabs Da Great) Installation: Telnet command opkg update && opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk OpenATV Menu... setup... software management... install local extension memory/tmp Press ok on the package press green to install Reboot Your Box. OpenVIX Menu >...
  11. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenPLi 6.0 - KODI 17.4 - Foxbob

    OpenPLi 6.0 - KODI 17.4 - Foxbob VU+ Solo2, Duo2 & Ultimo4K gcc 7.1.0 openpli-develop,ci+ last gstreamer 1.13.0 kodi 17.4rc1 exteplayer3.35 Credit to Foxbob
  12. CcX85

    Image Flashing Support Solo 4K Name Ur Fav UK Sat Build!

    Hey I've been playing around with my Solo 4K and what to get an idea as to what people are using for the Solo 4K and on similar devices. I've only looking at English speaking channels and those that work too (sly grr) Thanks for everyone that joins in....
  13. G

    VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions VU+ Crashing and cannot restore

    The VU + keeps on crashing and cannot restore from the backup. I have also tried to restore the image but its not possible. in order to power up each time you have to do the initial set-up again. But still you cannot load anything as it again crashes. attached is the log
  14. G

    General VU+ Receiver Tutorials Tuner Setting

    hello my friends, I NEED HELP. I have a VU+ solo pro, my frind bring it from Italy, I live in Thailand...but doesn't work. I don't have any antenna, I can see the channel list but when I try to watch one the system say check your tuner setting. How can I do? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
  15. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.0 vuplus-images Custom Build

    OpenATV 6.0 vuplus-images Custom Build Updated 23/06/17 - Existing users may use online update. New builds attached below for first time users. Build Information OpenATV 6.0 build date: 23/06/17 All builds now use custom feeds Kodi 17.3 as standard to install for all supported models Kodi...
  16. Ten Below

    VU+ Ultimo 4K Images Vu+ Image Ultimo4K - OI 3.0

    Vu+ Image Ultimo4K - OI 3.0 :dlhere:
  17. Ten Below

    VU+ Uno 4K Images Vu+ Image Uno4K - OI 3.0

    Vu+ Image Uno4K - OI 3.0 :dlhere:
  18. Ten Below

    OpenPLI Image Skins Real Madrid Skin Miring

    Real Madrid Skin Miring
  19. Ten Below

    Lonrisun X solo mini2 Images Lonrisun X solo mini2 Images

    Lonrisun X solo mini2 Images OpenPLi-4.0 2014-06-14 openatv-4.1 2014-05-25 HDMU V.13011
  20. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OPENEIGHT -5.4 Vu+ Solo2

    OPENEIGHT -5.4 Vu+ Solo2 Emo is integrated cccam advance in the picture Alhering been experimenting and IpTv and are steadfast and quick Ahdv View opkg located in the path etc and put place my father's campaign Good luck to all