SatDreamGr Image Release Experimental SatDreamGr 8 Images VU+ Kodi 18

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Experimental SatDreamGr 8 Images


vusolo4k vuultimo4k vuuno4k vuuno4kse vuzero4k vuduo4k vuultimo vuduo2 vusolo2 vusolose vuzero

* Zeus OpenEmbedded

* OpenPLi Enigma2 (develop branch)

* Kodi 18 (sources from OE-A)

* Webkit hbbtv support

* New bootlogo & radio (many thanks to oktus)

* New kernel (5.5.9)​

* Webkit hbbtv added

* Lower ram usage​


* Arm receivers are working now to 32bit , which allows compatibility with more addons and plugins​




Works great on VU+ Solo 4K
Thank you

I've just installed the image on my Duo4k, for some strange reason the screen only shows a small window in the top left of my tv, had a similar problem of this on the earlier Openten 7.0 image, the issue was solved after I selected a software update, tried to do this on this nightly image and no update available, rebooting box still shows small window.

Ignore my last, my Video settings were set to 2160 30ps

Hola no encuentro el enlace de descara de
lo podriais actualizar si es posible,gracias,un saludo

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