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    VTi Image Release VTi 13.0.6 Download (All Supported Models)

    VTi 13.0.6 Latest Builds Attached - update dvbapp2 (20180305) fix descrambling flag for none CI services improve auto CI assignment (add HD+ services to SLY smartcard when no softcam is active) 1st Generation VU+ (Solo, Duo, Uno & Ultimo) no longer supported.
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    BlackHole Image Release Black Hole 3.0.4 Download (All VU+ Models)

    Black Hole 3.0.4 What is new ? - Add Quad Picture in Picture support (Ultimo4K, Uno4K, Solo4K) - Update CrossEPG to support new Rytec xz compression XMLTV listings - Update CrossEPG to include latest Rytec Providers - Update OpenWebif to fix Grab and WebTV - Update Drivers (Ultimo4K, Uno4K...
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    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.1 Custom Build (All VU+ Models)

    OpenATV 6.1 Custom Build Updated 04/03/2018 Build Information OpenATV 6.1 build date: 04/03/2018 GStreamer Kodi 17.6 in feeds for all supported models Sly/VM look skins in feeds Softcam Feed Extra items installed with this build SkyQ v2.0 skin AutoBouquetMaker AutoBouquets E2...
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    VU+ Clone Receiver Support VU+Solo Pro clone won't boot into start remote control doesn't work

    so I get a VU+ solo pro clone which if I'd of known what a nightmare they are I wouldn't of bothered, this is how it come I can next via ftp but from what I've read not good idea to flash via USB ?? Brickit??I've done extensive research on this all day and still I haven't found the answer it was...
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    VU+ Clone Receiver Support Solo Ferrari V3 Tuner problem

    I have a clone Solo V3 box, It was working previously, hadn't used it for a while, now tuner won't detect any satellite transponders, tried flashing a new image, same issue, guess the tuners dead.