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Hi guys, just a thread to outline some good movies/tv shows addons that work well via kodi 16.1 on vusolose V2

Kodi 16.1 RC can be installed on a few vu+ models mainly the likes of vusolose v2, vusolo 2, vu duo 2, vu 4k and most likely the new model.

Menu - plugins - download (green) - extensions - VUPLUS KODI - install it.

However please make sure you have a usb/hdd mounted as MEDIA/HDD prior to first boot of kodi, as that means the .kodi folder will go in media/hdd.

Then i would install MEDIA PLAYER, as this works as an external player, as internal kodi player on my said model struggles with HD links.

Menu - plugins - download (green) - extensions - media player (may already be on box)

Personally I am not a fan of builds, unless you make yourself, but vuplus kodi lacks a dependencies, so alot of skins when editing will say "skin shortcut error", Skins that can be useful are confluence as 5 addons shorts cuts, amber skin allow adding of favs on main page and 10 shortcuts of video addons, MQ6 is a good editable skin also.

Builds may or may not work (many do work, just cant edit menus and some addons wont work), however could slow down it massively and lots if addon may not work, best way I find is trial and error, also you may find it could freeze where you need to turn off at back of box, but this is easily solved with a TELNET command, in telnet just type

killall kodi.bin

this takes back to plugins menu.

Some addons that work well

Salts - fusion repo
123 movies - muckys repo
Yes movies - mucky repo
Silent hunter - single link addon
Maverick (movies/tvshows)
Dandymedia (needs real debrid)
Dandymedia boxsets (needs real debrid)
istream (install via istream installer)
UK turks
real debrid and trakt optional extras to add to the multi site scrapers.

Paid IPTV addons

Sportsmania works
As does playlist loaded for iptv

Free Sports

This was sketchy for me, but I did manage few streams to work via

NJM soccer works well easpecially extra time
DC sports
"no acestream links"

However once clicked it takes approx 15 - 20 seconds to load and in my opinion free not that great to use on enigma 2 (basing this on my own vusolose v2, the 4k powerhouse may differ haha)

For all addons, I would use
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for installation help of each repo and addon.

All feel free to add any input or experiences with addons you may have, as we can all help each other.

IMG_6773.JPG IMG_6774.JPG IMG_6775.JPG IMG_6776.JPG IMG_6777.JPG IMG_6778.JPG IMG_6779.JPG IMG_6780.JPG
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Duo2 here running DD's OpenSPA 6 backup, & I've found any build that tries to play a video on boot freezes Kodi to a point that a hard remote reboot is required
Now trying to put it back to a working state as I stupidly didn't make a backup, and have made too many system customisation's to be bothered going back to the install image.


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Since I am not a fan of builds, especially on enigma 2, here is a small list of really good addons.

Exodus - addon installer (fusion repo)
ZEN - google "zen kodi for repo address"
Stream all sources (SALTS) - addon installer (fusion repo)

All multi link movies/tv shows scraper addons above, very good and to be honest probably all whats needed, good free addons but also very very good you use a real debrid account to pull more/better links.

Maverick addon - google "maverick repo kodi"

Not all feature work on my setup in maverick addon, but movies and tv shows do, iptv free does not.

Sportsmania (paid sub) - not pushing it or suggesting you get, just saying whats working on my own build.

vusolose v2 - using openatv 5.3 currently - installed media player so that Kodi uses it as external player, hence some addons work and some dont, but this way it plays all HD stuff fine.

Will go thru few more over next week or so add update thread.
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Dandymedia boxsets
BBC IPLAYER (including live section)

All from xfinity repo, work well.

Dandymedia has some hidden gems, like long peppa pig playlists ha, good for little ones.


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opening post edited with latest addons tried yesturday and few pics showing these working via the external media player.

I also believe

ITV player and few other catchups work (will check)
BBC does.

Will check others sometime this week.

Handy for people who always ask can you get catch up on enigma 2 :)


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Certain content from NAVI - X also, when installed then patched following the thread on this thread

Again, just another addon to add to ones listed, I am sure there is many that work and also via different methods, my method is all via media player.

Feel free to add input on what addons - what box its on - what external player :)

But as you can all see, mainly movies/tv shows addons for me.


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Single link movies/tv shows addons all working from "muckys repo" - google muckys repo.

123 movies - very good, also on IPTV player.
HD box
YES movies

Tried and tested them this morning, all seem ok using media player as external.


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2 more good addons for single link movies/tvshows

Silenthunter (google silent hunter kodi repo)
Maverick (google maverick kodi repo/addon)


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Addons may go down from "muckys" repo or maybe wont install currently, as the "mucky" the developer had bad family news regarding his Mum, so very much doubt he will keep it updated/online during this hard time for him and his family etc.

Just a heads up.


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Hi Imsohappy.

What kind of image do you use on your 4K box.! :)
Man, Sorry for late reply
OpenATV 5.3 it's not bad, but by now there will be a lot of online updates, Don't let the box restart after update if try this image, turn off box and restart or box will freeze i find
Or try Openspa, thats nice
but i'm testing the openATV 6.0 at mo at weekends :ok:


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Just installed DandyMediaboxsets....not working...error...check log..anyone got this working.?
Just wandering why Kodi 16.1rc in these enigma images on my vu box struggles with live streams, im using an authentic solo SE v2 and tried a black hole image 3.02 F,G and H all with kodi. with no joy on live streams, I use the pulse builds from the ares wizard and no joy, with the popular add ons such as phoenix and uk turks i can watch movies , box sets ect but no live tv, I know the live tv links works because i have the same build on my sony android tv version of kodi and the live streams work. some of the live streams also work in the kodi direct equivalent, such as pak sports under zem tv, i can watch live streams on these add ons both with mu VUsolo SE and my cheap and chearful zgemma using kodi direct.
also using iptv player on both boxes i can also watch live streams.
searching on forums it was suggested to use media player 2 which i manged to somehow replace media player on one of the blackhole images . there was a slight improvement in that it would start to play a live stream but then would freeze and you would have to do a hard reset to get the box going again.
It makes me think that the problem may be in the player.
yesterday i flashed your latest openatv back up and installed the sly Q skin.
Very nice image, thank you.
also having same problems though trying to stream live tv in the kodi launcher.
is there a way of making kodi launcher 16.1rc use the same player as the iptv player uses as this seems the best for live watcheable streams it seems to handle live streams with ease.


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I have tried THREE PAID IPTV addons (sportsmania - streamtv box - and another) which work fine if they use HLS, as for FREE addons, description above in few posts is mainly aimed at MOVIES/TV SHOWS.

Only mentioning the paid iptv as thats all I could get working "properly", i am not recommending or suggesting that, but if using free addon for iptv stick to box/tv/laptop etc

I wouldn't even bother trying to find a stable free stream to play via vusolose v2 using media player, as most used F4M tester and then didnt work to much when I was testing addons, plus if they freeze its hassle on vusolose v2

If you wnat "full" kodi and no hassle get an android box or fire tv, and use vu+ for movies/tv shows in my opinion.


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Also I wouldn't be putting "heavy" builds on this model, just my opinion, I have it running sweet with 5 to 10 addons and no need for all the other stuff on devices like this.

Again, just opinion, hence the "working" addons thread.

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