Sports Bar Manuel Pellegrini criticises 'small team' Chelsea after draw

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    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini said Chelsea played like a "small team" during Sunday's 1-1 draw and criticised their defensive style.

    Andre Schurrle put Chelsea ahead before Frank Lampard levelled for 10-man City.

    Pellegrini, 61, said: "I think we played 90 minutes against a small team trying to defend.

    "I would not be happy to play that way. Ten players defended their own half, they scored a counter attack and they continued to defend until the end."

    Pellegrini likened Chelsea's style to that of Stoke's, who beat the Premier League champions 1-0 at the Etihad in August.

    "I think we played against exactly the same team we played against Stoke here," he added. "It was very difficult for us to score but finally we did. The result is not what both teams did during 90 minutes.

    "I don't want to analyse Chelsea. What the other teams do, it is not my duty to analyse."

    City battled back into contention following the second-half sending off of Pablo Zabaleta after the Argentina defender was involved in a tussle with Chelsea's in-form striker Diego Costa.

    "I am happy because our team played in one way, we continued playing with 11 players, trying to score, and with one player less trying not to have another counter attack and concede a goal," said Pellegrini.

    "We continue with the same ambition, teams will find it hard to beat us. The team performance was very good."

    Responding to Pellegrini's criticisms, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said: "Many times he says he doesn't speak about me or my team but he continues to do so. Don't ask me about these words."
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