VU+ Duo Backup Images OpenA.TV-4.2-Vuduo-Backup-Memorist-14.09.2014

Discussion in 'VU+ Duo Backup Images' started by Ten Below, Sep 17, 2014.

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    11.Eyl?l.2014-E2setting (of 4uydul) - Settings Thanks
    KaYaCaN *

    T?rksat 2/3 / A, 4 / A
    Hot Bird 13
    Eutelsat 7
    Astra 19.2

    EMI cams / out glasssysutil has been established.

    Oscamymod 18-52
    CCAM 2.30
    Mgcamd 1.38c

    from Extension MyMatrix (Weather to Settings My enter your code at the weather forecast for the city you can see your report under the Share Exchange Cccam.CFG // your ETC etc / tuxbox / config / under your horse or edited your file in your oscamserv. nice watch.


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