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Satellite TV News Orange launches new Livebox with 4K


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Oct 13, 2014
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Orange launches new Livebox with 4K
Orange France is launching on May 19 a new Livebox for its fibre customers offering 4K/Ultra HD television as well ad dual-band Wifi.

The new Livebox combines Wi-Fi n (2.4 GHz) and Wi-Fi ac (5 GHz) technologies to deliver up to 1.9 Gbps connectivity, and is sold with the new Play and Jet packages, starting at EUR39.99 and EUR47.99 a month, respectively.

“We are very proud of this box. It responds to the changing needs of our clients who demand unparalleled internet access in the home and want an incomparable experience on all screens. This new Livebox for fibre nourishes our development strategy in France, it will contribute to our goal of 1.6 million fibre customers by the end of the year,” said Fabienne Dulac, executive director, Orange France.

Orange is the first operator in France to offer an enhanced experience with Dolby Atmos, which is superior to conventional standard Dolby 5.1 .

Fibre customers of the new Livebox will also have exclsuive access to a range of 4K/Ultra HD content including eight UEFA Euro 2016 games, as broadcast on TF1 and M6 (the opening match, the four quarter-finals, the two semi-finals and the final).

Also there will be movies and series in UHD on the operator’s OCS (formelry known as Orange Cinéma Séries) and OCS Max GO platforms.

Canal+ programming in UHD will include the Top 14 games of rugby and the League 1 soccer, as well as selected movies and series. Orange customers will also have direct access to Netflix, with hundreds of hours of series, films and documentaries in UHD; Orange VOD, which offers the UHD on nearly forty recent films, and the new Ultra Nature VOD service.

With the launch of the new Livebox, Orange also offers promotions such as three-month free Netflix subscription in Ultra HD and three free films in Orange’s VOD service.

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