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Sports Bar South Yorkshire Police launch investigation into Rotherham-Millwall violence


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Feb 28, 2015
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South Yorkshire Police have launched an investigation following violent scenes towards the end and following Saturday's Championship match between Rotherham and Millwall.

Large sections of a 1000-plus Lions support were heard to chant for boss Ian Holloway to be sacked after the hosts struck in the 85th minute to win the contest 2-1.

Riot police were then called into action to keep some of the angry away hordes at bay as they charged the home Rotherham fans.

A number of supporters also tried to invade the pitch after the final whistle went, forcing police to step in.

Several stewards were attacked, leaving two with minor injuries, and additional officers were deployed.

As fans left the ground, further disorder erupted and a number of police officers received minor injuries,

Police revealed no arrests had been made but said they had collected extensive evidence, including CCTV footage, and that a post-incident investigation will be conducted into the actions of both clubs' fans.

Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin said: "Officers have worked with both clubs prior to today's game in an attempt to prevent such unacceptable behaviour.

"Again we see a minority of individuals spoil the event for many others. They aren't a true representation of genuine football supporters and have no place in football. Such action can not be tolerated

"I thank the bravery and courage of stewards and police officers in tackling such criminal acts and we will now review evidence to identify and bring to justice those that are responsible for such criminal acts."
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