VUPLUS News Vu + receivers with new PiP quad function


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Jul 3, 2015
The popular Vu + receiver manufacturer released this week a new driver update for selected boxes that extends their quad PiP functionality. With this new feature, Linux box owners can run up to four TV programs simultaneously on one screen. This may also be called a mosaic.

The new one is available for all 4K boxes that already have a dual FBC tuner, Vu + Solo 4K, Vu + UNO 4K, as well as the current Vu + Ultimo 4K flagship.

New drivers with PiP quad support are already included in the latest version of the original software since August 21st. In the near future it can be expected that it will also come into unofficial versions of the software, From the team VTI.

We tested the Quad PiP on the Vu + Ultimo 4K receiver with the FBC DVB-S2 tuner along with the DVB-T2 tuner and works on a similar principle as the classic PiP function. The advantage, however, is that you can create several lists of stations and then simply launch them. It is also possible to include UHD quality in the list. Sound is always active only on the selected program, which can be changed with arrows. The new function can be started under the blue button.