1. Ten Below

    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images OpenTen - VU+/Sunray Solo2 31/01/20

    Open Ten VU+/Sunray Solo2 Build Date 31/1/20 Built with the OpenPLi develop branch. Image Features Default settings level changed to expert. Menu Sort GStreamer Version 1.14.4 PLiHD & FullHD Skins Backupsuite AutoBouqetsMaker. EPG Importer. HBBTV & YouTube TV Multiboot Image Downloader Open...
  2. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build Openpli 6.0 Homebuild by Foxbob For VUPlus Receivers with kodi-17.4

    Openpli 6.0 Homebuild by Foxbob with kodi-17.4 gcc 7.1.0 openpli-develop,ci+ last gstreamer 1.13.0 kodi 17.4rc1 exteplayer3.35 Please note that the only plugins Installed by Default are: On Compatible boxes Kodi is found: Menu-Plugins-Green-Extensions-: KODI/XBMC Options for Solo, Duo...
  3. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenPLi 6.0 - KODI 17.4 - Foxbob

    OpenPLi 6.0 - KODI 17.4 - Foxbob VU+ Solo2, Duo2 & Ultimo4K gcc 7.1.0 openpli-develop,ci+ last gstreamer 1.13.0 kodi 17.4rc1 exteplayer3.35 Credit to Foxbob
  4. Ten Below

    Other Sat Receivers OpenPLi 6.0 Homebuild for ZGEMMA-STAR-2S

    OpenPLi 6.0 Homebuild for ZGEMMA-STAR-2S My kids are currently using one of these boxes so decided to build this image. Sharing here for any other member who owns the same & would like to try. Items included with this build. EPG Import AutoBouquets E2 Audio narrator is disabled IPTV Player...
  5. seppel11

    Meelo+ Combo Originals meelo+ combo images

    The originals images from the Meelo+ Combo homepage Insert Insert
  6. seppel11

    X Solo Mini 3 Originals X solo mini 3 Images

    The originals images from the X solo mini 3 homepage
  7. Ten Below

    VU+ Solo2, SoloSE & Duo2 OpenPLi (master-next) Xmas 2016 by Ten Below

    OpenPLi (master-next) Xmas 2016 by Ten Below This image has been completely rebuilt with custom feeds including Kodi 16.1 & now supports Openmultiboot, the following is preinstalled to help get things up & running quickly. Catseye Settings (All Sats) AutoBouquetsMaker Mount manager EPG...
  8. seppel11

    VU+Solo Clone Safe Images working Solo pro V3 (Herobox) images

    Hi I have do some images for the solo pro V3, All this images works at a clone box named EX Solo Pro v3 with modifications of the file can work in others stb all images are from Golden InterStar XPEED LX1/LX2 or from Miraclebox Premium Mini modified for the EX Solo Pro v3 all images are...
  9. michaelpop84

    Plugins Support Openvpn update?

    Hi, I am using openpli on a solo2 . On I found that the latest release of openvpn is 2.3.12 (aug 2016), and that the version which installs by using the command opkg install openvpn is 2years old. Unfortunately, as enigma2 supports only ipkg and...

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