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Satellite TV News RiksTV adds support for companion devices


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Feb 28, 2015
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  1. March 3, 2015 10.02 Europe/London By Julian Clover

    Norwegian DTT platform Riks TV has added support for companion devices and brought in an improved user interface for its digital and OTT services.

    Technology provider Zenterio has added new functionality that includes viewer interaction via the iPad while watching TV. The launch also includes an improved and very fast browser based user interface for functionality such as channel list, TV guide and video personal recorder.

    “We are continuously and in a very fast pace adding more and new functions based on the Zenterio OS which strengthens our offering as well as our position on the Norwegian market. By launching support for second screen we can now offer our customers a more engaging and truly interactive viewing experience,” says Christopher Knudsen, CTO of RiksTV.

    “We are very pleased to continue our close collaboration with RiksTV and to announce the next phase in the roll out of their digital TV solution, an offering that will now include support for secondary devices as well as an improved browser-based user interface. With this product RiksTV is at the absolute forefront of interactive TV services, offering their customers a better, more intuitive, viewing experience” added Robin Rutili, CEO of Zenterio.

    Around 150,000 of RiksTV’s customers have a set-top-box with Zenterio OS installed and the newZenterio software will be installed on all these STBs. Zenterio has done all the implementation work in-house, and the web browser is licensed from Cambridge-based Ekioh.

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